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And even though Hollywood will fuck you when no one else will there's no guarantee you're getting laid without doing a little legwork.

It's just whose definition of legwork and how much of it's leg and how much of it's WORK. Unfortunately I still model meetings after dates.

But if you're looking for dogs and ponies you've definitely got the wrong monkey. The thought of selling a project by helping the executive "see the movie" makes me feel flushed and queasy--sort of like seducing a woman by helping her "see the sex.

It's gonna be Not in a funny way.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Just, you know, uncomfortable. Oh wait! I forgot the important part!

I'm a premature ejaculator! Did I mention how much I love my wife?

Anyway, if there's a pitch involved the job usually goes somewhere else. And before I get a lot of e-mails telling me how I'm pissing away all these wonderful opportunities let me correct that misperception. I'm pissing away a lot of mediocre opportunities.

When it comes to assignments there are few great jobs to be gotten, few prize plums to be divided amongst a large crowd of deserving writers. Some of whom are already booked until but, hey, you can never have too much money or too big a gaping maw of thirsty approval-need.

Now most of these pitching how-to's don't concern themselves with getting assignments. After all, most people who want to know about pitching want to know how to pitch original ideas because they imagine that's how they'd spend their time if they were working screenwriters.

tous logiciel

Because while there are ideas that cannot be pitched and can only be written, there are few if any ideas that cannot be written and should only be pitched. In short, writers whose parents ignored them so they became class clowns like to pitch first and write second. On the other hand, writers whose parents ignored them so they became awkward little geeks who stayed in their room and read Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators like to write first and pitch never.

Writers who were both class clowns and awkward little geeks like to create blogs.

There's only one pitch I've ever heard of that I wish I would have done. For those of you who don't know, the movie is based on a true case which occurred in Germany around While researching another project, Paul and Scott were given an audio tape by a NYC police detective who investigated the occult.

When he gave it to them he said: "I don't even know if I should give this to you. I truly believe playing this tape is dangerous. It was this tape that inspired them to write the movie.

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And it was this tape that helped them sell the project. Because what did they do? Well they did what you and I would hope we'd do if we were in their position. They'd take that scary-ass tape from studio to studio and play it for people.


The way I understood it went was like this: Scott and Paul would go into the room, do their pitch, and then pull out the tape recorder and some headphones. One of them would say: "There are those that believe just playing this tape invites darkness into our lives. What would be intolerable would be to lose to the terrorists in Iraq.

I think it's safe to say that Bill Kristol isn't on board with this oh-so-clever November, withdraw idea. A preview of the war from the Right which is sure to waged if premature withdraw from Iraq is attempted, is found in this well-reasoned and anticipatorily angry objection from the intellectually honest, pro-war conservative blogger John Cole: While drawing down 40k of k troops over the next year is certainly not cutting and running, I think it is pretty clear this decision is being based on domestic political considerations rather than facts on the ground.

Which, of course, makes this administration no better than the cynical Democrats who have been using this issue for their own political reasons. Worse, some might argue, since this administration led us into this war, and now seems unwilling to win it.